Wednesday, October 1, 2008

6 Months!!!

Wow 6 Months! Half way to a year! This lil man I must say is amazing! We go into the doc's on Monday so we aren't sure what he weighs or how tall he is yet, but he still is a lil guy. He may not of gotten bigger this past month but he has developed a lot. He got his first 2 bottom teeth and they pretty much came in at the same time. This week he has been teething a lot so maybe pretty soon he will get his tops in. It's the best thing to have him smile and see those lil teeth. His hair is getting longer and fuzzier, but still pretty light.

He rolls all over the place and we are still working on sitting up. He has been eating his rice cereal twice a day now. We wont count the otter pops and all the mystery items grandpa gives him. We are very excited to start on baby food this month. He talks like crazy... baby talk that is. I'm still signing to him and hoping he is catching on to that, but no "signs" of it yet.

He is on a pretty good schedule with eating, naps, and bed time. He is such a wonderful baby I am truly lucky and I hope he stays easy for the rest of his life. Is that too much to ask?

Miles loves sleeping in his crib in his own room. He seems very independent, probably from going to someone different everyday. I have amazing baby sitters and even though it's hard working everyday I know that they are doing great with Miles' growth. Plus they take pics and videos of things I may miss in his lil life :).

Miles new fav. things: anything soft and cuddly he can put over his face and sleep with. Sleeping on his side, anything that lights up, drinking the bath water, watching daddy play guitar hero, gnawing on stuff, tickles, watching and laugh at his older friends (garrett, odin, lochlan, paul, and ally) play, playing with his toes, still loves his swing, and of course mommy and daddy kisses!


Blessed<3 said...

aww..staci our babies are getting too big WAY too fast! I thought Eli grew up fast, but with Sidney it has flown by!! He is such a cutie!

barbmartin said...

These are fantastic pictures. He is changing all the time. I love the ones with his biggie toothy grins. What a happy and handsome boy! Happy Half Year Birthday, Miles! Love you!

A Blogging Babcock said...

His two little teeth are sooooo cute! He is such a cute little guy!

The Toland's said...

Ahhhh I must see him right away!! I missing all this growth!! I lovehis teeth! I miss my baby and i want him now!

Blessed<3 said...

hey what is ur email?

Marlon and Suzana said...

Yay Miles! He will be getting around before you know it. He might not start signing until 9 months but consistency is the key. What a beautiful boy cant wait to see him in December!!!