Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Miss Birthday Girl!

Miles and I flew out to see cousin Adalei for her 1st Birthday Party! It was tons of fun!
Addy was so sweet to share her toys with Miles. He loved all her fun new exciting things to play with.

This is Zoey, Addy's cousin. She always dresses like a Lion and Addy just loves it. She thinks it's the funniest thing when Lion Zoey is around!
Addy got tons of fun things. This is a hat that Aunt Stephy made of course.
Her reading Aunt Stephy's homemade card and and quiet book.

I got her this night light just like the one Miles has. She obviously loved it b/c she kept giving it kisses. Also she kept kissing the doll Aunt Stephy made her too.


The Toland's said...

Yay what fun! I am so glad addy loved my gifts! That cake looked yum...what was it made out of? I think my fav. pic. is the third to last of addy sitting in her chair opening her prez. she looks soo tiny amongst everyone! I am soooo sad that I was not there :( and it doesnt help that I have been so freaking stressed with stupid school!

The Toland's said...

I must meet that lil' Zoe...she is too cute!!

Staci said...

oh that cake was amazing..aymee made was wht chocolate raspberry with buttermilk frosting. Then of course a raspberry filling and fresh berries on top. The next day after addy had her bday cake she saw left over cake in the kitchen and wanted more, she kept giving the "PLEASE" was so sad to tell her no.

Tara and family said...

Steph is amazing! Addy looked too cute in her steph shirt and purple skirt. Of course, anything Steph touches is awasome. You are so lucky! (But I love Mica, even though she doesn't make the coolest quiet books on the planet)