Saturday, August 23, 2008

First Boat Ride on the Lake~

Today we went out on the Lake for Miles first boat ride....I guess it was Daddy's first time on a boat too. Our good friends the Olsen's hooked us up on their parents amazing boat. Our good friends the Morris's came along too with Ally and Paul!

We went tubing and swimming it was a lot of fun. Miles had to wear this life jacket and I thought it would bother him since it looks so uncomfortable, but also very cute! He was so mellow the whole 3 hrs we were out there. He just watched everyone and didn't fuss at all. He was wonderful. We put lots of sunscreen on Aunt Aymee don't sunburns here!

Ally(age 4) and Paul(age 2)
Ally loves lil Miles. I love how adult she acts when she is around she is his babysitter.

She was our flag girl and did a very good job!

He was so good the whole time, but when I dipped his feet in the water he didn't like that so much...I guess it was cold for his lil toesies!


The Toland's said...

the 3rd to the last and sec. to last pic.s are soooo cute...his lil' face is priceless!!

barbmartin said...

I cannot believe he didn't fuss at that life jacket more. He is really good in new situations! Tell him grandma's proud of him! :)

David said...

Miles was seriously the cutest out there on that boat. just when you thought he couldnt get any more cute, he gets CUTER!!! OH im so happy to be his uncle!....and also, that first pic with ally and paul, HAHA paul's face is concentrating so hard on something, i wish i knew what he was thinking at the time.

Suzana said...

Adorable! I didn't know they made life jackets that small!