Monday, September 1, 2008

5 Month~

Almost half way there. If you just take a look at the past month you can see all the new developments Miles has overcome. First boat ride, first swim, first rice eating, puts his head up better during tummy time, rolling over from tummy to back, new sounds he makes, chews and drools on everything, and finally fits into most 0-3 month clothes still working on 3-6. Hopefully soon I will have his room all ready to show everyone. I was hoping to have him in his own room by now. I have really seen a lot more growing up from him in this month then any other and I'm sure the older he gets I will discover how fast he will grow and learn.

One new amazing thing happened yesterday. I usually put him on my bed and have him watch "Baby Einsteins" or "Tigger and Pooh" keep him occupied while I get ready for the day. He was watching "Baby Einsteins" and he was really getting into it, not even I could distract him from it. Then there was this part where the children pat their lap faster and faster to make their rocket go faster. They tell everyone to "pat your lap" "pat, pat, pat" and I look over at Miles and he was taking his lil hands and lifting his arms over and over patting his lil legs. I was so amazed I thought it was just a coincidence that he would be doing what they told him. They stopped and he stopped. They did it again at the end of the show and he was doing it again so I started doing it with him and he just kept laughing and smiling while patting his lap. Who knows if he was really even doing it b/c of the show, it still made me happy and I hope he was picking up on it. I'm sure these are the lil simple things I will discover in the next couple months and I can't wait to see what he does next.

Rolling over yah!
He had his first spill today too. We were at our families for dinner and there was this little girl there, a friends of ours. She was playing with Miles and had put him on the couch not even a min. later I here a cry burst out. He had rolled right off the couch. Guess no more couches for him.

Eating Rice Cereal Yah!
He didn't seem to like it at first..which was no surprise. He ended up liking it a lil more and ate half of it. Pretty good for his first time.


barbmartin said...

These were the best pics and videos ever! What milestones lil Miles has reached! I can't believe it! And in such a short amount of time!! I am so grateful that I will see him soon. Can't wait! Great job, Staci and Rob!!

The Toland's said...

What a big boy! I cant believe how big he is getting! And look at that fuzz on his head! I cant wait to see him again! Whenever that is :(

T said...

He is so sweet! I absolutely love that outfit with the sweater vest. When I have a boy he will wear sweater vests all the time to church...and even the playground...okay, maybe not but to church most definitely! He is eating rice, what a big boy. He is so cute and funny. What a charming little man! Happy 5th month my sweet baby boy!

Tara and family said...

He is getting so big! What a handsome boy! You know, every time I hear someone complain about the lack of cute-clothes for boys, (SOME people think girls have the monopoly), I tell them to go to your blog and see how cute Miles is. So adorable Staci!