Sunday, July 27, 2008

wooo ahhhh

He is so mesmerized by his lil creature night light!

I just thought he looked too cute today for church. Thanks grandma Kelly for the cute leather loafers.


barbmartin said...

What a handsome boy! He looks so grown up. Love the church shoes and those flip flops were sooo cute!

The Toland's said...

Those nightlight pics are cute! I need to get one of those nightlights for myself! And love the video (cute shirt) :)

Tara and family said...

That shirt is so cute! Have you washed any of Stephs shirts yet? How does the felt hold up? I want to use the idea of the felt on some skirts for a Laurel project I was asked to teach in our ward, but I'm not sure how felt will hold up to teenagers clothing, I might need to use different fabric? I would love to know what you think.
I am getting more and more requests for the wraps. Do you know what the label on the bolt read? I know the kind of fabric I bought in Vegas was labeled "stretch nylon". Next time you are in walmart, can you look and see what the label reads, and if it has the % of the blend? (nylon, spandex, whatever it has in it?) Thanks so much Staci!

Staci said...

tara, the felt holds up really well...i have washed that shirt like 10 times, he pukes alot. The only parts that get a lil crinkled are the small detailed the teeth on that shirt for example. It stays pretty soft. I'll look into the fabric for you as well.