Monday, July 21, 2008

Another weekend with family!

Miles and I went to SLC again this weekend to visit family and go to a bridal shower. Miles was a hit at the shower as you can tell by the picture below..the girls loved him. What a ladies man.

Aunt Steph, Great Aunt Lori, Grandma, Miles, Cousin CoryJoe, Great Grandma!

These are the most precious baby twins I have ever seen..other then when Steph and I were babies of course. They were at the bridal shower and I could not resist taking a pic. They are 7 weeks old and to die for of sweetness.
This is where Miles sleeps when he goes to Aunt Stephy's. He thinks its sooo comfy.

He will probably hate me for posting this video..he is trying to go poo. He has been constipated lately and he finally was able to poo and sorry for the graphic details but it was the size of a golf ball hard as a rock :( My poor baby.


Blessed<3 said...

aww poor lil' guy! being constipated is the worst! Try a tsp. of Karo syrup in his worked like a charm for Eli!

Suzana said...

Poor lil guy I feel bad hearing that cry :( If you really want to embarass him, you should play this video at his wedding lol!

The Toland's said...

(Those twinner where soooo freaking cute)!!! I hate to see this video b/c was there witnessing this at Gardners Village and it was the sadest most painful thing to see. He is too cute though when he poos!

David said...

HAHAHA aw this is sooo cute! i love this one!....reminds me of the part from "nacho libre" when he says "Com ON bebe!" when he is on the ca-mode haha