Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Miles Loves His Family!

Miles got to go to Pennsylvania this last week which is why I haven't posted in awhile. We had so much fun and here are just some pictures of Miles and his family.

This is Miles Great Grandma Martin

Grandpa Martin...He loves to just melt into Grandpa's arms.

I seriously have never seen Miles smile so much then when he is with his grandma Martin!

He thinks Uncle Weeber aka Chris is pretty cool and looks fwd to playing some good classic video games with him one day.

Awe he loves Aunt Mica. She has such a sweet soft touch.

Aunt Katie is of course the coolest! She is not only so sweet, but totally knows how to have some fun...she made Miles laugh a lot. Also Thank you Julia for these beautiful pictures of Katie and Miles.

Miles really loves Aunt Julia. She is so sweet to him and anyone that is willing to change his poopy diaper has got to be the best Aunt.

Also I just realized I didn't get any pictures with Miles and Uncle Matt :( Next time! Even though Matt isn't the cool single Uncle anymore Miles still thinks he is still pretty cool.


mica said...

Aw!!! I love these Staci! I'm so glad you're a "picture-person". You're capturing every sweet moment of Mile's life.

p.s. I think he's growing too cute, too fast! All the other babies are going to feel insecure and (dare I say) ugly next to him!

Tara & fam said...

Except for Eddie of course, these two are going to be pals when they get together, and total stud muffins when they are older! Cool pictures!