Saturday, April 5, 2008

Miles up all night!

This lil' dude just loves to sleep during the day...and not at night! Which keeps poor mommy up too late. Daddy decides to hang with lil' M while mommy sleeps and see if he can get Miles tired...with some Rock Band perhaps!


Rock Band is no fun on headphones so Miles suggests that we try doing what daddy does when he's up late at night...some PC gaming! Which I was down for!

Then Miles tried to impress daddy and grabs his gaming mouse saying "Lets go frag some fools!" But daddy just laughs and says "Miles, you n00b, you don't hold the mouse like the guitar in Guitar Hero, jeez." Miles and daddy shared a good laugh over that one. Haha!

I might not be able to teach this kid how to sleep at night, but I will do my best to show him how to hold a mouse correctly. Jeez! Eventually, the lil' guy finally passed out in my arms. n00b.


barbmartin said...

(This Is Julia)
He is just sooooo sweet! And so alert too. That is hilarious though, about the mouse. It's like half of his body!! And his hands are huge too!
But my favorite picture is him sleeping in your arms. I guess youre not exciting enough Rob. Hehe ;)

Staci said...

hahah ok I love Rob he is so amazing for letting me sleep more then an hr last night. I had no idea this is what he was up to when I was sleeping. Our poor Miles is going to be a geek if he is raised by Rob. I just hope he doesn't talk to his mommy in game talk. Noob!
I also cant get over how that mouse is almost the same size of him. My Miles is too sweet.

T said...

Rob, I love your posts! What a cute little Noob! I think that's what we'll call him now:) He has such long arms and big hands. Love the video..keep it coming!

Cherylann and Mike said...

Rob, you crack me up. Very cute video. Christian will want to come live with you if I let him read this. I try to limit his computer time. Why is it that boys love computers so much?

Jeff, Beth, & Garrett Olsen said...

that kid is so cute! he is gonna be a rockstar gamer! I loved the videos, they are awesome!

The Toland's said...

hahah you are gunna force him to be a nerd...he has no choice!

Bill and Tara said...

Just watch, kids always rebel against the things you try and really encourage. He might turn out to be some anti-tech tree-hugger! hehe, wouldn't THAT be something. But you guys are going to be such great parents, I doubt little Miles will EVER rebel against ANYTHING you guys suggest. :) What a good daddy to let mommy get some sleep. Great little video too, seriously, keep it coming, we can't get enough of Miles!

Matt said...

Awesome post, Rob! I love the one where he's holding the mouse like a guitar. His right hand looks like he's playing a face-melting guitar solo. I also like the one where he's laying on your lap and his arms are folded like some rapper-gangster dude. I can't wait to see him this weekend!