Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Ninja Time

Miles turned 6! Of course he had to have Batman in there somewhere but he is really into ninjas too and there obviously is no better ninja them Batman himself!
He got this ninja costume for his bday and thought he was pretty cool. We colored ninja stars, popped balloon game and ate pizza. 
Then a real ninja came to teach them karate. He rocked, the boys loved it! Minus one lil guy........
Yep this lil guy....before the party he said his ear hurt and half way through he couldn't bare it any longer and it hurt him too much to participate. I felt bad b/c I know he wanted to do the karate with his friends. 
He loved all his gifts and has the coolest friends....even though he didn't feel good he still thinks it was the best party ever. 


Stephanie Kelly said...

Im sooooo sad that my ninja baby Miles was sick with a stupid ear ache for his totally awesome b-day party. I LOVE his Ninja outfit... its amazzzzing!!! I wish I could of been there.

Barbara said...

I feel so badly for him. His outfit is totally awesome!! I want to see him in it when I come out. Great party idea, Staci!

Chris said...