Sunday, March 9, 2014

Miles soccer

Miles had his first soccer game! He wasn't feeling good but was a good sport and gave it his all. He really loves it and he really loves being one of the boys.
They smoked the other team...there is one kid on his team that scored all the points because he is amazing!
Miles cheerleaders....of course Lucy picks the dirt to sit in rather then the grass. 


Chris said...

Go get 'em, Miles! Wish I could watch his games in person! Glad he is having fun :)

Chris said...

This is Allison btw :)

Stephanie Kelly said...

Go Miles!!! He looks so handsome in his uniform. I bet the boy who scored all the points was Italian. I freakin love my lil' feral mowgli Lucy child.

Barbara said...

This is great! I just learned that soccer is the best sport to strengthen kids ability to read and do well in math. He looks so grown up! Good job Rob and Staci!