Wednesday, September 4, 2013

I made more baby stuff.....I know I know

 I made more stuff....My dear friend Tasha(who I have never met in person funny enough) is going to have a baby boy soon, so I made her this jersey swaddle blanket that I drew on with a bleach pen to create the pattern and then a baby cap. She is an amazing sewer/creator of awesome things so it was hard for me to create anything with out feeling inadequate to her awesomeness. Although I do love them and want to make one of those blankets for my own unborn child now. 
She is also one of the "lucky" ones that get's a handmade item from me this year so it was only fitting I made something special for her. She is a fellow Missourian like myself so I crosstitched this mini mini Missouri for her.
Bring on more babies b/c we all know once I have my own my projects wont happen!

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