Friday, April 5, 2013

Everyday Stuff

Summer is coming we can feel it.
These are the photos Miles takes when he sneaks my camera. I asked him about his lego photos and he told me what characters they were, what an imagination. 


Stephanie Kelly said...

i love that naked chub in his dipe. And I love Miles photography... I can see it in an art gallery.

Emily said...

Luv your lil' fam!!! All your pics are as precious as can be!!! Life is busy taking care of young children... how do you have time for a fantastic blog? I need to get back at it. My Mom is begging to see more pics of our kiddos too. Seeing your blog has reminded me the value of sharing pics with family. And the value of keeping a journal. Going back to pictures of our babies, hold those precious moments in time. Its fun to marvel at how little they were and how much they change in a short amount of time. Sorry its been ages since I've looked or posted on your blog. Keep up the great works! Its fun to see your talents and you blossom as a mother. Yes its hard work, YES its a big rollercoaster each day, but seems to that me that as moms - we have countless reasons to smile!