Monday, January 28, 2013

Aunt Stephy gifts

 Aunt Stephy(my twin sister) is the most talented artist there is and so getting a handmade gift from her is very special. She made Lucy this hand painted Snow White doll and Lucy is obsessed with her of course, well I am too. You need to check out all her dolls she has made along with her other awesome art HERE!
Walt got this FABULOUS bear blanket can't feel it, but it's probably the softest fabric I've ever felt. I'm so in love with this blanket I want one for myself and I want to make one for all my friends having if you're one of them be expecting one of these from me! BTW She just pulled this pattern and design out of her butt...uh creative, I hate her!


Stephanie Kelly said...

YAY! Im so glad my babies love them! They deserve everything soft, pretty, cute, cuddly, squishy and yummy in the world!

Barbara said...

You rock, Aunt Stephanie!!! These are such creative, one-of-a-kind gifts that they will always remember as part of their childhood. Adorable!