Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bad "A" Shades!

We found these lil gems at he DI. Not sure if they are kid appropriate, but my kids love them. Ya thats how we roll, don't mess with these babies!


Goodnight moon said...

OMGosh! My 5yr old jus saw those sunglasses and wants a pair. They are dabomb.com!

The video wouldn't work for me? It said it was set to private.

I can't belive how big the kids are getting! They need to slow it down...or you need to have another one;)

Lindsay said...

YES. those rock!!!

Mica said...

You take such awesome pictures, Staci! What kind of camera do you have, again??? I think it will have to be mine and Matt's Christmas gift to ourselves. (Did I use proper grammar there??)

P.S. The kiddies are cute (as always!), and the sunglasses are priceless!

Me Chelle said...

love love love love !!