Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Tube

So for a couple months we have been watching t.v with a lovely pattern like this covering half the screen.
Because of this lil stink and his batman friends
So we gave in and got this! We went from a 42" to 55" for a real good deal...oh and we got a plexiglass shield just in case batman goes flying again.


Julia said...

Oh wow......that is beautiful.

Laura said...

dang that's a nice thin and sexy!!!

Laura said...

hahaha also love mile's "butt face"!

Momma's Hart said...

so nice!!!

Matt said...

It's so ... (sniffle) beautiful.

And I'm glad you guys are using protection on this TV. Batman will fly again!

Mark said...

So, please tell us more about the tv itself. Brand, model, 3-d capable?

Laura said...

Dear staci
hey ummm... can you show the ways to a cooly-designed blog? Mine sucks!