Friday, January 28, 2011

Thrifty Finds and Divine Designs

I have a new addiction...thrifting! Don't worry I won't turn into a hoarder. It's just something fun when I'm bored being at home and looking at the same things all day long.

This lovely gem was actually something my mom had in her garage for years, it was my aunts so I gave it a face lift!
Yes your eyes don't deceive you...thats PINK! I'm kinda in the crazy mood these days!
I was quite smitten with this handmade pillow from the DI...fits Lucy's rocking chair perfectly.
My new favorite wall in the house. I was so happy to finally find all these great golden frames at the DI....the mirror also a great find at a local thrift store! This whole wall cost me $9!
I have also found awesome costumes for my Silly girl Shenanigans!


The Toland's said...

Look what I have CREATED... I have turned you to the dark side of thrifting!! Muuuwwwhahahahahahahahhahahah. There is no simple pleasure that warms my soul like thrift store shopping~
I've always wanted to do something with that bed frame but the PINK.. yesssss the PINK!!!
The wall is great... nothing screams cuteness other then a cluster of golden frames with the cutest family photos in them.

barbmartin said...

My visit went by so quickly and I was so totally focused on you and the children, but I did notice your picture wall. Love the frames! Very retro! You should have shown me the bed post. That is really daring and works so well. Miss you guys!!

Lindsay said...

oh my goodness i LOVE these!!!

Marlon and Suzana said...

Love it! Amazing sense of style as always!

Blessed said...

I love ur thrifty finds!! I LOVE thrifting too..soo cant wait to move to Logan to have a DI right there!..I am going to go crazy finding crappy furniture and turning it into something AWESOME! Wish we were closer to thrift together!