Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Lu's great 8!

Our lil Lucy girl is 8 months old...gosh seriously where did the time fly? She had her doc check up last week and she weighed in at 16 lbs 27 in...just like Miles, weird I know.
She hasn't started crawling yet and up until recently she has been ok with staying put where ever I sit her. But now she is getting into crawling position and coming close but then plups onto her belly and just reaches.

I'm sorry to say...well sorry for those that have crazy babies, but Lucy is still the perfect baby. She still hardly cries and she is completely content 95% of the time...that other 5% is when she is hungry. This girl loves to eat and she is good at it too. She has been loving baby food and until yesterday she had no teeth...thats right she had both of her bottom teeth brake through. This picture is horrible and you can't even see them, but trust me they are there!


barbmartin said...

I love, love, love the new blog heading!!!! I love that old fashioned art and depiction of children. Lucy is an angel, for sure. I love watching her work at getting things in her reach. Before long she will be into everything. Miles is a sweetheart! I love and miss them both!

Matt said...

Yeah, I'm definitely digging the new blog heading too. Quite classy! Happy 8-months Lucy! We love and miss you!!