Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Night night time

Either Miles has OCD or he is just very particular about bed time routines. Everything must be in the right spot. If something is messed up he cries by the door until one of us comes in and fixes it. For example..if one of his batman toys falls over he has a panic attack!
He makes his checks before prayer...saying "blankies, book, water, light, batman bucket..etc"

He has to say the prayer now...even when we tell him it's "mommy's turn" or "Daddy's turn" he will repeat after what we say.

Most nights things go pretty smoothly..I always know he will go right to sleep when I ask him to "close his eyes' and he shuts them tightly. I love a sleeping Miles!


Goodnight moon said...

Man...I want to sleep in that bed! He has such a cool party everynight when he goes to bed. That is awesome! Totally jealous!

The Toland's said...

hahaha you need to watch "Obsessed" people with OCD. But I wouldnt worry too much.. I just think its him being a stink and stalling to go to bed as much as possible. I love the lil' personality that he has developed. I was chatting with Tava and Alisha about thier boys and thier obsessions... Andy is obsessed with Car/trucks or anything with wheels; Dex is obsessed with dinosaurs and knows all the names... and they started cracking up laughing at Miles obsession with pez dispensers. Hahaha I love him so much and NEVER want him to change!

The Toland's said...

p.s. when you guys come again I have the cooooolest dounut shop here in PG that has a hugeeee Pez collection (behind glass) that I need to take Miles to. He would love it!