Friday, July 23, 2010

San Diego ZOO!

Lot and Lots and Lots of Zoo pics!

We loved the was Miles' first time at the zoo and he LOVED it! He knows all the animals so it was fun seeing his reaction on seeing them in real life. The elephants were his favorite. Thank you to our wonderful friends the Avalos' for hooking us up!


Aymee said...

These are AWESOME!!!! I am so jealous, I love the zoo...and to go to the best zoo is even better! What's with Miles' Monty Burns fingers? I love how he holds his hands. So many fun pictures I can't say enough. I love Rob's hair, he should buzz it all the time, Handsome Rob, handsome. Little Lou Lou is so stinkin cute. She's really filling out. Or maybe the heat makes her swollen;), she's a bug, that's for sure! Those Avalos are so beautiful. It's a good thing they got together and made some good babies! I especially love the picture with Donny and Miles with the seal in the ice. I love Miles' little squishy face!

The Toland's said...

-I love the photography with the awesome nice camera.
-Fav. picture in the whole bunch is the sweet boys in the ice with the seal... loveee it!
-Agree with Aymee and the Monty Burns fingers hahah I love it!
-I love Robs and Miles matching hair cuts (I wish Eric would cut it hair like that)LOVE IT!
-Love those Avalos babies and all there chunky-ness.
-I love how Lu is the HAPPIEST baby in all those pictures!!! I love that sweet smile.
-Another fav. picture is the sweet picture of the baby girls in the hole floral prop. thingy... so cutttte!
-Love Miles stink face with you and him and the monkey collage.
-Love the last picture of all of you together and lil' lu reaching for that yummy looking bird on the bench!
SO MUCH fun and I'm crazzzzy jealous!

Matt said...

Fantastic post, Staci! Those babies are all SOO cute and adorable. And the zoo provided some great background for different shots. And I swear, Marlon and Suzanna's family looks like a celebrity family. Such beautiful people!

Marlon and Suzana said...

Woohoo! Thanks so much for coming down to hang out with us we had a blast with you & miss you already!!

David said...

Haha Miles' face on the one where he is sticking his head through the hole of the caterpillar is priceless! Lol was he in a bad mood or something?