Friday, May 21, 2010

50 things that Annoy me!

This weeks seems like a good week to vent, I was inspired by a friend when she posted all her pet peeves. It got me thinking what are things that really annoy me. It's quite invigorating to write them all down. I'm sure most of you don't care, but if you do maybe you can take some notes for next time you see me ;)

1-slow drivers


3-when no one says “bless you” after a sneeze

4-when guest use my decorative bath room towels as their shower towels

6-hair extensions, fake tans, fake nails, and tats

7-flip flops to church

8-excuse makers

9-being late…or when other people are late

10-“going green

11-woman who are anti epidurals

12-narcissistic people

13-men that shave parts other then their face

14-potty mouths

15-mothers who let their kids take things from my kids

16-when someone goes back into a store to collect a $1 from the mistake the cashier made.

18-mechanics taking advantage of me b/c I’m a girl and I don’t know crap about cars.

19-thick eye liner around the WHOLE eye

20-people that hate everyone before they get to know them.

21-farting in my house or in my car

22-pink as a wedding color

23-hair touching my neck or when girls don’t take their hair out of the back of their shirts or coats.

24-if you live in America…speak English.

25-people that live off the gov. when they don’t need to or they are just lazy

26-having to ask my waiter for a refill on my drink

27-clubs or pl that go to clubs

28-scratching skin other then my own

29-“The Hills”

30-naked maternity pictures (yes pregnancy is beautiful, but you still can be modest)

31-Utah hair do’s(or don’ts) the teasing.

32-People that only put quotes on their FB status

33-big bows or flowers on baby girl’s heads

34-HCG diet (aka anorexia)

35-Mall clothes

36-going to the bath room when I’m busy

37-telling me about a movie I haven’t seen, you can’t say anything until I have seen it.

38-Taking advantage of someone else’s talent

39-Wall decal quotes all over your house

40-getting gas for my car

41-dressing your baby in expensive name brand clothes

42-people don’t work well or care about their jobs when so many need jobs.

43-babies having babies

44-no I will never try sea food.

45-girls dressing like hussy’s for Halloween

46-Other mothers telling you how to raise your child or telling you you’re doing things wrong


48-When pl talk bad about the ones I love….I’m the only one allowed to talk bad about them.

49-hip hop/rap music

50-When someone gets offended at church they stop believing everything and leave it completely.


Caty said...

Good list. So many I can relate to.

brooks said...

I must make you mad..I do around 10 of the 50

Brittney Taylor said...

I think I am guilty of making some of those annoyances...I apologize now for them...but it really does make you think about what kind of things bug you...

Aymee said...

Dido to Brux's comment:)

Alecia said...

hahaha..have i ever told you i love you? haha!! you are too funny and awesome. i loved reading this. i should have put 50 on mine, cause i can think of so many more. these are great, even though i do some of these things. i love tanning & tattoos are ok if they aren't nasty and covering too much body. but most of this, i agree with and was laughing. its so true.
-germiphobs--are so stupid! drives me nuts.
-sea food--the smell alone makes me sick.
-i LOVE rap and hip hop!
-girls dressing like hussys-haha! love that one!
-getting gas??! what do you mean by that?? haha
-big bows are hideous
-expensive baby clothes are ridiculous.
-people that put only quotes on fb-haha i hate that too! duh! its like they are just showing off how wise they are or something!
-love 24, 25, 22, 19, 18, 11!!!!

these lists are great. i think people are cool when they are bold and real enough to post things like this. everyone always puts such positive things on their blogs, so they'll appear like they are perfect! but we all have things that bug us! love it!!

Staci said...

Alecia-gas for my car and there is bound to be people I know that do these things..there is 50 of them. DAD and Aymee what are you talking about I can't figure out which ones you guys do.

The Toland's said...

WE ARE TWINS!!! Everything on your list is my now I don’t even have to make a list of my own. HA
p.s. You have decorative towels in your guest bathroom? hahah
I never use your decorative towels when I come over do I?

The Toland's said...

I can name atleast 4 of those things that are Dad....
-flip flops to church
-potty mouth
-hate people before he gets to know them.
-and farts in your house...hahahhah

Mr. Dean R. Kelly said... must hate my guts...I am that entire pet peeve.

xoxox Uncle Dean

Annie and Zeke Smyth said...

Ok, really! You NEED to give sea food a chance! And while I was seafood free 4 years ago I challenged myself to try a few different kinds to see if it was yum or yuck, I must say there are some sea foods that stink and are disgusting, some are awesome and delicious!! My favorite is raw eel! Call me I will take you for Sushi!!
Don't knock it tell you've trid it, twice!
The rest of these are awesome!

Lindsay said...

okay when i started reading the list i thought, "wow.. she hates me." and then by the end of the list i was like. "hell's yeah! we're awesome!"