Thursday, April 29, 2010

Our Day

8:30-9:00AM- Babies wake up and climb into bed with me. I feed Lucy. While Miles watches cartoons and eats his breakfast which is usually; banana, cereal, or cereal bar and milk.

10:00AM- Me and Miles take a shower and get ready, while Lucy has her morning cat nap.

11:00AM-12:00PM- Eat lunch, watch a movie, lately it’s been “batman”, feed Lucy then mommy cleans

1:00PM- Babies go down for a nap aka “mommy’s happy hour”; computer time, or nap.

3:00PM- Babies wake up, Miles has a snack, Lucy gets another feeding.

4:00PM-5:00PM- play outside, read books, go to the store, run on errands, visit grandma and grandpa etc.

5:30PM- Daddy gets home! Mommy starts dinner while daddy and babies play.

6:00-7:00PM- Eat dinner!

8:00PM- Get ready for bed, read books, sing songs.

8:30-9:00PM- Feed Lucy, bed time for both babies!

10:00-12:00PM- Mommy and daddy time then off to sleep until another day. Lucy sleeps through the night so no mid night feedings.

I love having a schedule and being home with my babies. Best job EVER!


Julia said...

This makes me want to be a mommy! I can't WAIT to cuddle and snuggle and read and play and sing with my babies too. :)

Marlon and Suzana said...

I love that you record so much of your day-to-day lives & routines. It will be s great for you to be able to look back 30 yrs from now & see the little things that made up the great joys of your lives. I want to be more like you. You inspire me, truly you do!