Friday, April 23, 2010

Old school

I found my old journal I started when I was 14 and continued till I got married, but this particular journal ended when I was 18. I love going back and reading makes me laugh of embarrassment, but I'm glad I recorded those memories.

Me age 14....jr. high prom. I'm the one on the left with no eye brows and a noodle arm.
Me age 15 with family and year book photo. Again with the eye brows...I sorta didn't know how to pluck, and this was prebraces...gross! Wrote a lot about boys and watching t.v.
Me age 16. Good ole Matt Foley asked me to his Jr.Sr prom. He was a drama geek and the funniest guy. My softball sexy pose. I noticed I wrote a lot of journal entries about softball.
Journal entry July 2001 age 16 "As for now what I want in my future!"
-Be rich, but not too rich- 2010(not too rich)
-finish the B.O.M before I graduate- 2010(finished it and have read it 5 times since then)
-Go to college, don't know what be.- 2010(only put in 2 being a mom)
-Adopt a black boy and a Japanese girl- 2010(probably won't happen)
-Have a monkey- 2010(NEVER, ever since that woman got her face ripped up I'm terrified of monkeys.
-Never cut my hair!- 2010(uhhhh....yeah...I cut my hair once a week)
-Get married in the Oregon Temple or some Utah one. - 2010(True true)
-Have 3 kids- 2010(2 down...want 2 more)
-Marry Alan Moak!- 2010(haha I'm glad I married Rob)

Age 18...prom with boy friend of 2 yrs Alan Moak. We started dating when I was 16, still a good friend, funny how we always think we are going to marry every guy we date in high school. So glad I married Rob.


Julia said...

This is so funny! I love seeing old photos of you. You look sooo different now. But man oh man...the style of the 90's was...interesting. lol

Tasha Early said...

hhaha. Love it. But....I've seen a prom photo of you and alan before...was there another one? This one doesnt look familiar.

barbmartin said...

If Lucy looks anything like you did, she will be absolutely gorgeous! These pics were such fun to see. I love your goals! But, I too, am so glad you married Rob. :)

Salty Staci said...

Tasha- I think they went to prom together more then one time?
-I think you need to post the non-cute pictures of yourself...these pictures are too cute and LAME!
-This list is awesomeeeeee....I really need to find old pics of myself and post them...I was too cool for journal writing...but danggg I wish I did! They could of make a movie out of my jr. high- high school life!

The Toland's said...

aaa that last comment was me Steph by the way...why do I keep doing that?

Staci said...

oh i have some great photos of you steph! I thought these pics i looked gross in!

Cari said...

I love this post. It is so fun to see where you came from and where you are now. You really want four kids? I think two has done me in!

jamielynn said...

love the photos reminds me of the good ole days:) that pic of you and alan looks alot like one i have with mark:)lol i saw some pics from back in the day when i was still in bolivar i must say we were smokin;) and we had some pretty funny times.

Caty said...

Loved this!

Lindsay said...

wait wait.. a MOAK? does that mean that he was related to your future bro-in-law?!?!?! scandal!!! hah. you are cute.. and in that picture of your whole family i TOTALLY couldn't tell you and amy apart. well i could.. but it took me a minute. gosh you were cute. what happened? hahah

Staci said...

hahahh lindsay..eric is not related to the moaks..he just grew up with them when they lived in utah, then they moved to missouri and thats how steph and eric got hooked up b/c the moaks set them up. They pretty much like family to eric. I know I use to be so homely you mean.