Saturday, February 6, 2010

cousin time

Yay it's cousin time. We are here in VA visiting our awesome family!
Cousin Adalei adores baby Lucy!
Look at these sweet lil ladies....I wish they lived closer b/c they would be best friends. They are only a lil over a month apart in age.
We get the chance of being here for record breaking snow too. It reached 2 1/2 feet. Yes that is a picture of my mom shoveling snow your eyes aren't playing a trick on you.
Addy and Miles watching the snow fall. Addy is either telling Miles about the snow or bossing him around in these pics.
These two really do play well together. Addy is like the older sister she is very helpful and loves to play with miles.

Addy trying to help take care of baby Lucy...she loves to feed and mall on her.


The Toland's said...

oh so much fun!!!!
-I still don’t believe that mom was shoveling snow...Photoshop?
-I love addy's outfit, and black eye.
-great photography.
-I am so jealous that I can’t be there with all my babies and family :(

The Toland's said...

oh lil' pip looks so chubby and sweet.

Matt said...

It looks like a mini-reunion. Hopefully, you guys aren't getting cabin fever. I remember when us Martin kids would be stuck in a house during a blizzard in PA. We almost went cannibalistic!

Anyway, great pictures. I love how sweet Addy is with other babies. And, yes, she does look like she's reminding Miles who the real boss is!

barbmartin said...

What darling cousins! Miles and Lucy are so lucky to have some cousins their age. Great pics, Staci. Can't wait to see them all in a few days! Piper has grown so much since Nov.

***** said...

Ohhh, I love when cousins get together. Keep it up and they can be friends forever, like us. The babies are all so adorable. What a fun snowed in week.