Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Lets compare how much these siblings look a like! I think they look a lot a like but surely will be totally different as they grow. I believe Lucy will have dark hair, but guess we can wait and find out. Guess which is Miles and which is Lucy!


Cari said...

Okay my guesses are as follows:

Comparison 1: Miles Top, Lucy Bottom (I'm going off weight)
Comparison 2: Lucy Top, Miles Bottom (Going off how long your hair is)
Comparison 3: Miles Left, Lucy Right
Comparison 4: Lucy Left, Miles Right
Comparison 5: Lucy Left, Miles Right
Comparison 6: Lucy Left, Miles Right
Comparison 7: Lucy Left, Miles Right (This was the easiest one)
Comparison 8: Miles Left, Lucy Right

It think its fun to compare baby pics too. They do look a lot alike, it will be fun to see if it stays that way!

Cari said...

Sorry second one Miles is on the Top, Lucy is on the bottom.

Dear Matt said...

I love doing the same thing with my kids....

Okay, here are my guesses:

1st pic is Miles
2nd pic is Lulu
3rd pic is Miles
4th pic is Lulu
5th pic is Lulu
6th pic is Miles
7th pic is Miles
8th pic is Lulu

9th pic is Miles
10th pic is Lulu
11th pic is Miles
12th pic is Lulu
13th pic is Lulu
14th pic is Miles
15th pic is Miles
16th is Lulu

Okay, so what did I win? Their noses are exactly the same, and the little crease between their eyes are the same too. They are both sweet babies!

Staci said...

haha sorry cari but you got 3-6 wrong but good try...and dang Amber you got them all right! Good job..I bet you cheated! You win blessings for having good eyes!

jamielynn said...

i think she totally looks like you in the pic 2nd to the bottom:) that is a face you would make well when i knew you anyway;)

Dear Matt said...

How the heck did I cheat?!?! I'm just GOOD like that...I have a good eye is all! My husband trained me to be a good observer;)

Marlon and Suzana said...

My gosh you are totally on top of things! I have been planning on doing the side by side comparison pics of my kiddos as well but keep putting it off cuz I'm lazy & you're putting me to shame! You've got 2 adorable babies, keep em coming!!

The Toland's said...

K there is similarities beween the two...but really the more I observe the pictures the more and more they DON'T! Their heads are differant shapes, with different hair lines, their noses at first, I thought were the same...but nope they are soooo diff...and Smiles bottom lip is big where as LuLu's top lip is big!

The Toland's said...

They also have diff. eyebrows. Ok and in these photos could the pictures of Lule wearing a girl outfit and Miles wearing a boy outfit, possibly give it away hahah!

The Rawlins Fam said...

LOL only a twin would be able to catch the differences so clearly! I cannot tell who's who. They look so much alike to me, its amazing!!! So much fun to see the side by side comparisons! Love all the pics!