Monday, January 18, 2010

Lucy's Treasures!

These are some of the awesome things sent to me for Lucy!
From Aunt Mica and Lindsay...vintage dresses! I can not wait to get Lucy in these dresses they are the sweetest. Thank you so much ladies!
This amazing HANDMADE hat is from Tasha....she is truly talented with the sewing machine and I also can't wait to have her wear this hat...she will wear it everyday like Miles wears his blue one!
Again the talent in my friends and family amaze me. This is from cousin Jessica! She made this adorable lil outfit! Thank you so much Jessica ...I freaked out when I got this!
Last but not least Aunt Steph(Butty) tested her new needle felt abilities and made this AMAZING HAT! I can't wait to get her into this for her new born pics!


Jessica said...

Stephanie's hat is amazing. i can't wait to see her newborn photos with it either! I am still laughing about your comment that your boyfriend wouldn't go to prom. It made me feel better. Thanks Stac...and I was that nerdy and awkward.

The Toland's said...

mannn, I hope I get awesome stuff like that when I have babies!! So does the hat fit? Because the first time I made it, it was too small so I have to add on to it to make it bigger...and now I was worried it might be too big...but then again too big might look cute on her lil' head.

barbmartin said...

She is going to be the cutest and most fashionable little bug in St. George. I love these!

Aymee said...

Such cute stuff! Too bad my only talented friend is Steph;). I am seriously so incredibly jealous that you are getting photos taken! I WISH Alecia was here and I could have her do photos so BADDDD!
We just got prints of some of Adalei's photos (yeah, I know) and I am in love with them. I guess I'll just have to learn how to be a photographer so I can take pictures like that because there's no way I'm going to pay the prices out her for professional pictures.
Anyhoot, can't wait to see little Lulu in these fun things!!
Love you!

TannHart said...

I'm in love with those vintage dresses. My Grandma just gave me a pattern book from way back when and seeing those adorable dresses really makes we want to give those old school patterns a try.
Those hats are both amazing.
And...I've been reading Jessica's blog for a while now and she is soo talented!