Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Just another special day at home with my two sweets. Miles will notice baby LuLu on occasion and give her some lovin.

He is smarter then I think....the other day I sat down with Miles and open this book and for fun thought I would test and see how well he could do and to my surprise he knew where most of the stuff was in the book. He must be studying this book when I'm not looking.

Some bright eyed baby!


The Rawlins Fam said...

baby kisses are the sweetest!

take lots of pics... they grow way too quickly!!! as you know, by how Miles has been growning in the blink of an eye!

The Toland's said...

I love my lil' smart boy...I miss that skinny lil' arm and hand!

Matt said...

Ha ha! I love the first video when he picks the giraffe instead of the lion. Thank you, thank you for posting videos. Lucy is so sweet looking. And I love the sucking sound from the pacifier when it's pulled out. Pop!

Marlon and Suzana said...

Smart cookie!