Thursday, October 1, 2009


What a lil BOY this sMiles has become in the last 6 months. I can't believe he is 18 months now.....yay for church nursery! As you can see by the pictures above we have some really good tantrums now. ESP in the last month since he has been cutting his last couple teeth. He has a perminate bruse on his forehead from his tantrums..he gets upset and throws himself to the floor and bangs his head....or he bangs his head on the wall. But then he is over it in seconds. Soooo moody...worse then mom! But I can't help but laugh at his freakin adorable lil sad face!
He his become way more active and it's starting to get harder to keep him out of things he shouldn't. I feel like I'm saying "NO NO" all the time! We are getting better and finding what works best for him..usually when we ask him nicely and sweet to stop he does. He loves to get a reaction out of he does stuff he KNOWS he isn't suppose to do. He is definately a stinker of all stinks!

He is such a DADDY's boy which he always has but it's getting worse. He copiest EVERYTHING Rob does! He has been talking like crazy and when we teach him a word he will remember and say it the next day. Some of his recently new words are; Pappa, moon, star, car, bubble, juice, miles(which sounds like mama), kitty, eww and cracker, dog followed by a bark, diaper, candy(nanny). He will usually repeat easy words we tell him to say! He still signs; please and thank you, makes monkey noises(while tickling his pitts), drums like crazy, loves wearing his blue hat, gives momma kisses and hugs when he wants something…yeah he is already starting that! He knows if he is cute and sweet he will get what he wants! He will come up to me and put his arm around me, hug or kiss me and say "maaaammmaaa"!

We had a picture of my family he was looking at and the only people he could point out and say was, mamma, dadda, and pappa! Pappa(grandpa Kelly) is his favorite b/c he gives him candy and lets him go in and out of the doggy door ALL DAY w/ zoey(ruff ruff). Zoey is probably Miles best was really cute the other day, Miles was sitting on the floor w/ Zoey and he was talking to her and putting his arm around her, then Zoe gave him a big wet kiss..they are too sweet!
Our goal for the next 6 months is getting ready for baby sister. He always says/signs "baby" when I tell him there is a baby in my belly or when he sees a baby. I doubt he will understand it all when she does arrive but it's a start!

We love this lil guy and he seriously is the coolest kid around!


The Toland's said...

i cant wait to see him tomorrow!

barbmartin said...

What a wonderful update! I would love to see a picture of him with Zoe. He is adorable with his big boy pants. Nursery will be awesome for him. He's obviously smart to know how to get what he wants. We love you, Miles!

Cari said...

Such a cute guy! I hope nursery is a smooth transition for you and Miles. Good luck!

The Rawlins Fam said...

WOW 18months already! It just gets better and better. It is so much fun to watch our little ones grow!

Marlon and Suzana said...

Aw sweet little man is already a year n 1/2! Hope we get to see him in december!!!

Alex said...

Whenever Will and I leave your house we are always talking about how you and Rob are such good parents. Miles seriously is the coolest kid around!