Tuesday, July 21, 2009


It's been awhile since I posted some of the new things happening with Smiles lately. Since he has turned 1 he just looks more and more like a boy and less like my baby :(. He gets taller all the time and sometimes when I pick him up or hold him certain ways it doesn't feel right because his feet are not where they use to be! He has had probably 5 hair cuts and it just keeps growing all the time, but still stays the same fuzzy and straight. He now has 8 teeth and some still coming in. I don't know if his lil tantrums he recently started are due to teething, but when he doesn't get to go or do what he wants he throws himself to the ground, bangs his head on the floor and whines. He only does this for a min. then moves on to something else.

I think our favorite thing he does recently is when he is somewhere I tell him to come here by my hand gester with my finger and then he looks at me and does it back with his finger. He does it all the time in church when he walks to the front and sits on the steps, he gesters for people to come up there. It's the cutest thing!

When daddy is around this lil boy just lights up. He loves to rough house with daddy and he will stick up his lil fist and pretend he is gonna punch daddy! I need to get most of this on tape, but it's hard when I pull out the camera he stops doing it.

His favorite word is "WOW" everything is wow to him and then the other day I said "eww" and so now he says "eww" to most things...I don't think he realizes what that means yet. He signs pretty much the same things, but signs "please" the most when he asks for things.

It's offical that his favorite toys are balls! He says ball and loves them. Daddy took him to the store the other day and played in the toy isle. He picked out this lil ball and was all set until he walked by the tower of rubber balls that were bigger then him and Rob said he just looked up and said "WOWww"! So of course Rob got him a ball bigger then him! That is probably the only real toy he likes he usually just doesn't play with toys just trash or parts of toys and creates his own fun. The other day he took the top of his "russian doll" and put it at the end of his lil plastic hanger and twirled it around. He was sooooo excited to show us what he made and the look on his face was priceless, like he had created the most amazing thing. He played with that for awhile. He just does that he gets stuff and puts it together and that is better then any toy. I love his imagination and hope he holds on to that as he grows!

We watch our daily shows in the morning before I go to work and his favorite is "Yo Gabba Gabba" it really is the weirdest kids show, but he is glued to it. It has so much fun colors and songs! I just really enjoy watching Smiles grow everyday and see all the wonderful developments he goes through. He still is my baby and I'm trying to enjoy every minute I have with him until the new baby comes!


***** said...

What a little handsome cutie. You are a good mama. You are so smart for documenting these simple gems of memories for the future. I need to follow your example. Thanks for the update on the boy.

Matt said...

I love these updates! It makes me feel like I'm watching Miles grow up right in front me. I'd love to see him do that fist of fury thing with Rob. Try to get it on video! Thanks Staci!

barbmartin said...

This was wonderful! Thanks so much, Staci. You do such a great job bringing little Miles closer to us. We love both of you so very much!