Monday, June 29, 2009

Afternoon swim

We had a family bbq at my Uncle Scott's the other night and took an afternoon swim. I think it was the first time Miles actually enjoyed himself in the water. He usually is pretty weird still when it comes to swimming. Maybe it's b/c mommy finally got in the water to play with him...I know crazy huh!

Cousin's lochlan is Miles favorite. These two are so funny, they just follow one another around everywhere and copy what each does. I'm so glad they are getting old enough to play with each other.

He was pooped after that long swim. Don't you just love that sweet sleeping face!


The Lowe Family said...

seing these pics makes me jealous that miles walks. when...WHEN will isaak walk?!?! i'm dying here. i'm tired of dirty knees.

David said...

LOL...Awww I love it how Miles lets mommy do all the work while he is just being dragged through the water=)

Di said...

So cute! Bytheway love the bathing suit.