Monday, April 27, 2009

PA weekend!

We got to go to PA this past weekend for Miles' Uncle Chris. He is leaving for a mission to the Philippines. We are so glad we got to support him and be there in his last days home. We are so excited and proud of you Chris! You are an amazing Uncle to Miles and he loves you so much! I know you are worried your gonna miss out on a lot with him and maybe having a 2nd baby but don't worry we will keep in touch with you and send you pictures every week so you won't miss a thing.

Miles loves the cats....I'm a lil grossed out by it but whatever makes him happy.
Grammy Martin has such pretty flowers in her yard!
Aunt Katie...Miles loves her so much!

Daddy's old back's so beautiful and green there. Miles loved walking on the non prickly grass out there..he could roam wherever!

Aunt Julia....Miles loves you so much!
Pictures of everyone including Great Grandpa and Grandma.
Miles thought he could have a seat all to himself on the flight home, he thought it was pretty cool until the flight took off and he had to be on my lap the whole time....sorry lil man! He did really good flying, thank goodness. His last flight to SLC wasn't so smooth as the other times. I think he really does enjoy flying!


The Talbi said...

love your pictures and creativity as usual!!!! and i think miles looks like you!!

David said...

I couldnt wait to see all the pictures you took of PA, it felt like forever long.... you can always tell when staci is away from her pc ;-) great JARB! love the grass shots... man i miss pa!