Monday, December 29, 2008

Random Fun from PA!

This is Miles new face he started while we were out there. He doesn't stop doing it now.

Uncle Matt time he had so much fun w/ his aunts and uncles.

Miles loves Grandpa!


Tara and family said...

Those are the cutest pictures Staci!!! I LOVE his little mooshed face! Did you get any with Auntie Mica?

Staci said...

Man tara i realized when i got home and i looked at all my pictures and i didn't do a very good job w/ taking pics at all. I didn't get any w/ mica or grandma like i wanted. I failed :(.

Staci said...

if it makes you feel better the smile on miles face where he is lying on matt..that smiles is b/c of Mica.