Saturday, September 20, 2008

New Crib!!!

Yah FINALLY we have a crib for Miles and his room is coming along wonderfully. I am waiting on one more thing to make his room complete and when it's done you know I'll post thank you everyone for being so patient. I know you are all so excited to see the cutest baby room ever.

Miles seems to like it so far so tonight is the big night we are going to try it out and have him sleep in his own room..ahhh wish us luck!

He really enjoyed his crib music fish thingy...he watched it for a half hr.


The Toland's said...

Oh i cant Wait...what a sweet lil' bug!! He is getting so big...and standing on his own! That fish thing must be nice except for the evil subliminal messages it sends to babies! :)

T said...

I wish Addy would sit there and watch her fish bowl for thirty minutes:) Hey, thanks for the comments on the blog. She is so funny. And yes, that one picture she totally looks like, "Does this hat make my butt look big?" I love it! I SO love the crib. Is that the one you picked out from Wal-Mart? It is so cute! He is such a sweet boy! I love him so much!

Auntie Laurie said...

He looks so content. How did you have such a mellow little guy, must be that laid back hubby of yours, how precious. I miss him. Love Auntie Laurie

Suzana said...

How cute! I love his rapt attention to the fishies. Looks like he loves his stylin new crib & congrats on getting your room back to yourselves!