Sunday, July 6, 2008


Miles' first 4th Of July! We had aunts and uncles down. We went swimming then watched fireworks...he really enjoy the fireworks, his eyes were so wide and I don't even think he blink when he watched them. It was a good weekend!

Unkie Davie was tickling his neck.

This is friend Ally she loves to watch Miles and play with him.


barbmartin said...

I love the one of Rob looking up to Miles. That is so precious. What a wonderful weekend. You guys are so lucky to watch Miles change when you get together every few weeks/months. Dang Laura, great tan!!! You look good, girl. Miss all of you.

T said...

You guys had a blast it looks like. How fun! I wish we could have been there. Where did you go swimming? I love the picture of Miles and Ally. She looks so cute as does Miles, or should I say, he looks handsome:)

Cari said...

He is SO cute. Holidays are so much more fun when babies are around!