Monday, May 26, 2008

Random stuff on our Trip

Well Miles is quite the traveler. He has been on a plane over 5 times and in the next month will be flying some more. He did amazing on this trip to Cali. Although he had his moments I think at times being around so many new things was over whelming for him.

He really didn't want to take these pics. but he is so darn cute. I got his outfit for him while I was out there. Too bad the weather was rainy and cold so he didn't get much use out of his sun hat.

Awe he loves his grandpa Martin!


Suzana said...

He looks so cute in those Gap overalls & the hat! They should pay HIM to wear them!

T said...

I love the outfit! I LOVE overalls in any shape and style! What a sweet boy. And proud of his little smiles!

The Toland's said...

Cute outfit... Tava said she has the same one.