Thursday, May 1, 2008

Are you related?

I was on my sister Aymee's blog and looked back on all of Adalei's old pictures when she was Miles age. I saw so many resemblances. Maybe it's a new born baby thing and they all look alike I don't know, but you can defiantly tell they are related. I hope these two cousins end up as close as they look. I also hope Miles smiles as much as Addy eventually.
We love you Addy Bell!

Can you guess which one is Miles? Ok he is the first one.

I know this one is hard....I'm on the right ;)

Addy Top, Miles Bottom

They both do that eye brow serious.

Addy Top, Miles Bottom

Well it's a given they are both cry their moms.


T said...

It's beautiful! Thank you so much for this post. It made my day! I am going to go and look through all of Adalei's old photos right now to reminisce of when she was so little:).

The Toland's said...

i love it... its so cute! And Yes, I do think there is some resemblance.

Bill and Tara said...

haha, I love that. I do the same thing, find the resemblence with my kids and their cousins. Actually, Josh is the only one I can see a good resemblence with a Danielson cousin. I need Enos and Mica to have some dang kids, (with their own spouses!), so I can compare with theirs. :) (J/K Mica and Matt, TAKE YOUR TIME!)