Thursday, April 24, 2008

Baby Language

For Christmas Grandma Martin got me a dvd "Dunstan Baby Language" and I watched it today. I learned a lot. There are 5 sounds a baby makes that all mean something. It's so awesome to know what Miles' sounds mean in words. The one he says most is "Eh" which means gassy and he needs to be burped.
Momma- love...ok so I added that one.

Thank you Grandma Martin! Love you


She's Gonna Blow! said...

I saw a thing on that on Oprah awhile back...its pretty cool. Thanks for adding what the different sounds mean...I have forgotten and that will come in handy!

T said...

I have that DVD also, but I have never watched it...oops:) Maybe I should check it out. It's probably too late though because Adalei already speaks to me in full paragraphs so I probably don't need it...hehehe. Love the picture!

Bill and Tara said...

I had the first DVD that went through the first few months. (I think) I thought it was WAY helpful. I almost bought the whole set, but it was just so much money and I am TOO cheap on my last kid. Honestly though, I wish I had bought it, I think it would have really helped with Eddie. For example; the fact that he spent nearly the first year of his life in discomfort and pain. IF I had understood the sounds he was making, I might have clued in sooner and not passed his crying off as just a "fussy baby". IF I had noticed that he was making "painful and discomfort" sounds ALL the time, I might have pushed to have him checked out sooner and he would not so be delayed with his growth and development due to his poor body fighting off the poison I was feeding him daily. So yeh, GREAT gift! Miles is probably perfectly healthy, but you never know, and it might come in handy for your next children, (or another family member :) You are doing so good little mama!

*Sarah* said...

STACI.. you are so amazing at photoshopping pictures its so cool to look at all of the different things you can do!! Thats so col that they make DVD's like that I never would of thought they would have something like that... PRETTY neat.

Paul and Emily said...

We loved learning the baby language! It was so funny to be sitting in church then Paul would say, that baby needs to be burped! Or that baby is sleepy. LOL Its amazing how you can really hear the same language from all the babies!

Miles is a handsome baby boy!

And oh, I need to have some photoshop lessons from you Staci! What you are doing with all your pics are incredible!